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An estimated 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed and is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans.  (*Source: Thomas Moore, Institute of Safe Medication Practices.)

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Our Mission

Woody Matters is an independent voice in the everyday world championing for drug safety, pharma transparency & consumer rights through advocacy, art and education to create a safer future for generations.


We Believe In...



Health care priorities should be driven by safety, not industry profits.



No family should say, “How did I not know this could happen?” about drug side effects after a loved one dies or is harmed. 




Informed people are more powerful than any industry.

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Our Story

It all started when…

WoodyMatters was launched shortly after the death of Woody Witczak of a Zoloft-induced suicide in 2003 with the single mission of getting black box suicide warnings added to all SSRI antidepressants. That goal was achieved in 2004 for children under 2004 and young adults in 2006; since then, WoodyMatters has continued its work as a non-profit patient safety advocacy organization focused on saving patients from adverse effects of unsafe medical products.  We make sure the every day patient perspective is represented in healthcare conversations.  Our lives are at stake.  

WoodyMatters is not anti-medication. We are pro informed choice and transparency. It is important that as a society we have access to unbiased honest information about the prescription drugs that we take.  It can be the difference between life and death.

WoodyMatters is an active member of the Patient, Consumer, Public Health Coalition based in Washington DC, which works closely on FDA/Congressional legislative issues around pharmaceutical and devices (none of these organizations take industry funding). 

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Our Goal

Our goal is to create industry accountability through transparency to prevent unnecessary deaths and shift the power to the people.

Drug Industry Facts. Be Smart.


Official psychiatric drug warnings

Source: Global Regulatory Warnings


FDA initiated drug studies

Source:  FDA


Countries in the world allow drug advertising—New Zealand and the USA

Source: NIH


Dollars on advertising for every one dollar spend research and development

Source:  BMJ


Billion dollars spent on advertising not including social media costs

Source:  Kantar Media/Nielsen

Psychiatric Drug Facts.* Be Informed.


Warned of self-harm, suicide or suicidal ideation



Warned of violence, mania, psychosis, hostility, aggression or homicidal ideation



Warned of death or increased risk of death



Linked to emotional problems to the drugs



Warned of addiction or
withdrawal effects           



*Source: Compilation of Global Regulatory Agency Warnings


“It was too late for our family, but if just one family is informed, then Woody’s life and death made a difference.”

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