Unfortunately, Woody’s story is all too familiar. The experts estimate upwards of 20,000 Americans have died of antidepressant drug-induced suicide since Prozac first hit the market.

Below are a few other stories of people that have experienced horrible reactions or deaths by suicide as a result of these drugs. We invite you to submit your personal story.

Read the full transcript from the FDA February 2nd Antidepressant Advisory Committee Panel Hearing:

Candace Downing - Age 12
Prescribed Zoloft for test anxiety and soon afterwards hung herself in her bedroom. Candace was an honor student, an athlete, and had bubbly personality that attracted many friends. Her story has been featured in many major newspapers, magazines and television news programs including Today Show and CBS Nightly News.

Watch a video on Candace's story, click here:

In addition, Candace's story is featured in a powerful documentary called, "Prescription Suicide". Candace's sister Caroline Downing narrates the film that features intimately-told personal stories of six American families, their hopes and experiences with anti-depressant drugs prescribed to their children. To learn more: www.prescriptionsuicide.com

Scott - Age 43
Father of five children, including set of triplets. He began taking Paxil shortly after the birth of the triplets. While on Paxil, Scott became irritable, lethargic and suffered from insomnia. With his dosage doubled just three weeks beforehand, he ended his life on May 10, 2004.

Watch Scott's widow, Ellen, a register nurse, testify at the FDA's Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee hearing in December 13, 2006 regarding it’s meta-analysis of suicidality data from adult antidepressant clinical trials.


Milton C. – Age 71
Went to his cardiologist for chest pains. He was given the usual battery of heart tests. Nothing showed up so the cardiologist sent him home with 2 weeks worth of Prozac samples. 10 days later he was found hanging in his shop.

Mathew M. – Age 13
Family just moved to a new suburb of Kansas City. He was having a hard time adjusting to new school and city. He was given 3 weeks worth of Zoloft samples, but took his own life before finishing the first bottle. His parents wanted to go back to the doctor the following week, but the doctor couldn’t see them for 3 weeks due to caseload and speaking engagements for Pfizer. He was found hanging from his bedroom closet after taking drug for 6 days.

Jame T. - Age 13
Was given 75mg Effexor for migraine headaches. Became suicidal and extremely agitated after dosage was doubled to 150mg. Her parents took her back to see the specialist who wanted to double the dosage again. She tried to get off of Effexor for over 2 years but her body was going through withdrawl. Today, Jame is now Effexor free and graduating from high school.

Julie Woodward – Age 17

Julie told her parents she "felt sad" and her grades began to slip. She was going through a tough period, breaking up with a boyfriend, attending a new school and facing SATs. She started to attend an outpatient group therapy program where she prescribed Zoloft. Her family immediately noticed that she couldn't keep still. Typically very calm, Julie was pacing and constantly moving. For the first time ever, Julie shoved her mother to the floor after an argument. Her dad found her hanging in the garage after taking Zoloft less than a week.

Below are a few phrases from people about their personal experiences on antidepressants:

• “Would just wake up in the middle of night and wander around the neighborhood.“

• “Felt like a caged animal.“

• “Had violent nightmares of killing myself and my wife. Never had them before taking drug.“

• “Wanted to cut this feeling out of my body.“

• “Head outside of body.“

• “Felt like I was stoned for days“

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